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A glimpse of PooPee potty pads and its uses

Dog owners always look for healthy and hygienic things for their puppies. Ranging from the best exercising habits to the diet plans, nothing is expected to be compromised. But often people make mistakes in terms of maintaining hygiene for the defecation of their pets. Most of the people think it is a usual way and there is nothing to be taken care of. But this is not the right mentality. If your dog is discharging his/her wastes here and there, then it is not only harmful to the people around but also to the environment. Today, we are going to give some insights into the importance of using PooPee potty pads for dogs and other important factors involved with it. Let's start!

What are dog potty pads?

If you are new to know about the dog potty pads then here’s the answer for you. Dog potty pads are the pads that are made with synthetic grass that perfectly gives the feeling of real grass to the pets. These are easy to wash and clean just like your daily clothes.

Although there are different manufacturers of dog potty pads around, our specialization is PooPee Potty pads. The designs are somewhat the same as other potty pads providers, but we have installed special water drainage features in it so that the water can be drained out easily during cleaning. Moreover, it has the soaking capacity also that helps in soaking the left-over water on the pads. There are a number of sizes available with us and you can get one of your requirements.

The potty pads for dogs we offer are designed in such a way that it keeps its original grass-like smell for long 15-20 days. When you feel that the pad is dirty enough, and needs to be cleaned, you can do that. Till then it won’t emit any unpleasant smell out of the continuous defecation process. You can place it anywhere you like whether in the balconies, or lawns. The beautiful designs with grass will enhance the beauty of the space wherever it is placed.

Importance of dog potty pads

In general, people let their dogs defecate at the outdoors. The owners take their pets for a walk and meanwhile they defecate. But do you know how much it’s harming your pet or you or the people around you or the environment? If not, then have a look at it!

To the pet

Pets love to discharge with the feel of real grass-like feeling. That is why when they are taken outdoors, often they search for the same. But when they won’t find any, the discharge in a comfortable place. Now there can be many germs and bacteria surrounding the place which aren’t visible with the vacant eyes. During the defecation, these germs and bacteria attack the pets and can cause severe illness to them. Moreover, there can be many tiny insects that fly around the surface which, after getting the contact of pets, directly attack their bodies. In any way, your pet may suffer from various health issues while defecating outside or roadsides.

To the environment

Pets often defecate at squeezy spaces like between the shallow bushes, or at the hollow space, or elsewhere. It is their tendency to dig the ground for defecation and thus, often it gets hidden. Of course, you won’t clean the poop or pee of your dog and leave the place. This pee or poop, which hardly comes in the notice of the daily cleaning professionals, starts discharging unpleasant smells around. With time, it may give birth to various harmful bacteria as well. All these things will combinedly affect the environment and pollute it to a great extent.

To the people around

When the entire surrounding environment will be polluted, it will also hamper the health of the people around the vicinity. When people breathe in the air while being at or crossing the place, you are actually taking in the germs and bacteria, which may later cause severe health issues like asthama, allergy, etc. to you.

Hence, it is important that with taking care of the pets, you must be responsible for the surrounding environment and people also. It is always a great option to buy a potty pad for the dogs.

How to train the dogs for using PeePoo Potty Pads

If you are thinking that it will be hard to train your pet to use potty pads then don’t worry. As we have designed the pads with synthetic real-like grass, the dogs will conveniently use them without any hardship. All you need to do is to let them know about their new living area and they will get attracted to it easily.

You must be seen the pets eating grass? Don’t get wondered as they do so for their digestion process. Dogs are well-aware of keeping their digestion process perfect and whenever they feel any problem with it, they immediately move to have some grass and then vomit all the unnecessary things along with the grass. Our synthetic grass can also be used for this purpose as it won’t harm them at all. So with it, they can play, do their defecation, maintain their digestion process, or anything else without any worry.

How to order our dog potty pads

You can order our PooPee potty pads easily from here. Just go to the buying section, enter your requirement and size of the pads, put the address details, complete the payment process and you will get it delivered within the given time. We will keep on notifying you of every status of your order. Also, we will send you a tracking link via email or text message. You can click on the link and keep a track of your order.

Moreover, you can also contact us via email or call on the given number and talk to our executives to know more about our product details. You can also ask for the appropriate size of the pads and based on the size of the space where you are supposed to place the PooPee Potty pad at your premise, they will assist you perfectly.

Our potty pads are made absolutely affordable to anyone and you can order it without bothering for your budget much. Moreover, these pads are durable enough and will sustain for a long time without interrupting the looks or function at all. Take a smart move and order for dog potty pads from us.